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Ioana Ochi

In business, winning the game requires mastery of the legal rules
In business, winning the game requires mastery of the legal rules

Ioana is a member of Bucharest Bar since January 2012 and is part of Rizoiu & Poenaru team since its establishment, in September 2012.

Ioana graduated the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest and the classes of the Private Law Master of the same University. In 2011, under a private scholarship granted by one of the top 10 law firms in Romania, she contributed to the assistance of clients having key positions in the energy and telecommunications sectors in Romania. Afterwards, Ioana continued the cooperation with the respective law firm as junior lawyer. She became definitive lawyer after passing the examination of graduation of the professional training classes organized by I.N.P.P.A. in 2013.

Ioana is specialized in offering legal assistance in company law, mergers and acquisitions, labour law and commercial contracts, and in areas such as insurance, constructions and industry law.

Her recent professional experience includes the assistance of one of the most important aluminium producers of South-Eastern Europe in renegotiating an electric power supply agreement and in an investigation started by the European Commission concerning the existence of a supposed state aid, drafting due diligence reports, and assistance offered to clients in company law related activities.

Some of the most important projects in which Ioana was involved are:

  • assistance of an important medical centre in extending of the medical clinics network in the country by purchasing the entire capital in various profile companies;
  • granting legal assistance to a medical imagistic group by developing the Romanian network;
  • assistance of an important European group supplying financial, HR and IT services in restructuring the board of directors in the local company, and in issues related to labour law and personnel policy;
  • assistance of an important foreign broadcaster in structuring its activity and offering services in Romania.

Ioana is Partner in Rizoiu & Poenaru SCA starting with January 1st, 2016.